đŸ‡ģđŸ‡ŗPlatform Dashboard

The Main Dashboard

The platform's main dashboard is the first thing that we can see after logging in to Rezonate. This dashboard shares an overview of the integrated environment, including pivotable links to different areas in the platform. the information that we can understand in the dashboard is the following:

  • Overview of the integrated environment, including high-level metrics of users and assets. Clicking on an asset (such as AWS Users) will pivot to the relevant page in-platform for details.

  • Posture Stats - High-level statistics of some of the highlighted risks (such as Dormant Identities or MFA Issues)

  • User Access Types - High-level counters for privileged identities, external users, and other useful information.

  • Security Exposures - Aggregated information, by risk category that shows the different issues (exposures) that were detected in the environment. In addition, the OPEN VS RESOLVED widget provides additional context on the risks that were detected or fixed over time.

  • Activity - a live feed of things that happened, including the creation of highlighted assets, and changes in the risk

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