Okta Integration -Remediation Supported

Integrating with Okta can give Rezonate complete visibility into assets, privileges, and activities. With the remediation version, you can also fix risks with Rezonate and save time.

This integration requires write privileges, if you prefer the Read-Only integration please select Okta Integration

This integration supports semi-automatic remediation, to improve your security efforts and save time for your team

There are 2 different, supported ways to integrate Rezonate with Okta, all explained in this document:

  1. By Generating an API Key

  2. Through the Okta Marketplace

API Key Integration


For this method, a super administrative API key is needed. this can be generated from the admin console. after creating the key, save and insert the Okta domain & the API Key.

Okta Store Integration

  1. Take note of the application Client-id & Client-secret.

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