BambooHR Integration

The HR data from Bamboo plays a crucial role in managing identities and ensuring the security of these identities within your organization.

With the BambooHR integration, Rezonate can correlate HRIS information to the identities in your Identity Provider, identifying security policy breaches (Such as active access for terminated employees, and enriching identity-centric context).

In this Integration Rezonate has limited read-only access to a subset of the employee's attributes, without access to sensitive HR information such as salaries or contracts.

Integration Steps

Creating the Access Level (Role)

  1. Sign in to your Bamboo Console, with a privileged user and click on the settings button.

  2. Select "Access Levels" in the menu.

  3. Select "Create a Custom Access Level"

  4. In the Access Level Name - write "Integration Access", you can leave the description empty.

  5. In the next step (What this Access Level can do), keep it empty and click Next.

  6. Under the "What this Access Level Can See" select the following: Personal

    1. Basic Info - View Only

    2. Address - View Only

    3. Contact - View Only

    4. Social Links - View Only

    5. Education - View Only


    1. Hire Date - View Only

    2. Original Hire Date - View Only

    3. Employment Status - View Only

    4. Job Information - View Only

Its highly recommended to exclude SSN from the list of fields, and can be easily done by expanding the Basic Info, clicking on SSN, and changing to "No Access"

Creating a Service-Account User

After we have defined the limited Role, we will need to create a user to be used as a service account. To do that, click on the recently-created access level, and click on the settings button. Select "Add a Non-Employee BambooHR User.

If necessary, you can create an email alias for the integration, as you will need to confirm the selected email. in the username, info write the following: First Name: Rezonate, Last Name: Integration.

Now, Browse into Rezonate and go to the integration section, under the settings. Click "Add Integration" and select BambooHR.



Place your recently created-api key

Company Domain

The company domain used to access your account (If you access BambooHR at, then the company domain is “mycompany”)

Thats It! you have finished the process. đŸĒƒ

The Data is being collected by Rezonate

As mentioned, Rezonate has limited access to Employee reports, without sensitive salary information or contracts. below is the list of the actual fields in the report that is collected

export const customFormat = {
	title: 'Rezonate Report',
	fields: [

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