Workday Integration

The HR data from Workday plays a crucial role in managing identities and ensuring the security of these identities within your organization.

With the Workday integration, Rezonate can correlate HRIS information to the actual identities in your Identity Provider, identifying security policy breaches (Such as active access for terminated employees, and enriching identity-centric context).

The primary steps to accomplish this task within Workday are outlined as follows:

  1. Create a Workday Integration System User.

  2. Create the custom report, and enable the report as a web service in Advanced settings

  3. Set the user created in the first step (our ISUE) as the report owner in the Share settings.

  4. Save the configuration at the Rezonate Platform

Step #1 - Create Workday Service User

To create the integration system user, proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to your Workday tenant and type 'create integration system user' into the search bar. Then, under the Tasks & Reports section, select the 'Create Integration System User' option.

  2. Enter a username and password for the new user.

  3. Do not check the Require New Password at the Next Sign In option.

  4. For Session Timeout Minutes, enter 0, and select the "Do not Allow UI Sessions" option.

  5. Click OK.

Verify that the ISU established earlier is included in the required security groups within Workday, enabling it to be the owner of the report that will be created in the subsequent step.

Step #2 Create Custom Report

Create a custom Workday report configured as follows:

  • Report type - Advanced

  • Data source - All users (Make sure to include all user types)

  • Data source type - Standard

  • Primary business object - Worker

Incorporate the columns listed below into the report, arranging them in the specified order.

  1. email

  2. first_name

  3. last_name

  4. business_title

  5. active

  6. city

  7. state

  8. country

  9. user_id

  10. middle_name

  11. nickname

  12. org_name

  13. super_ref - (Manager ID)

  14. managername

  15. position_title

  16. division

  17. hire_date

  18. termination_date

  19. category

the created user needs to have access to the data rendered in the report.

After selecting the columns, Enable this Report as a Web Service from the Advanced tab.

Verify that the ISU user, established previously, is designated as the Owner of the report within the Share tab.

Step #3 - Sharing the link back with Rezonate

After the creation of the report, Open the list of Report URLs, right-click, and copy the JSON URL link. Please paste it into the integration form on the integration page of the product.

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