Slack Integration

This document describes how to integrate the Rezonate product with Slack, which provides IAM observability to users, groups, channels, and configurations as well as detection of different security risks.

To Integrate, please perform the following actions after authenticating to Slack with Org Admin.

  1. Select your workspace, paste the code below instead of the current json, and click next.

    "display_information": {
    "name": "Rezonate Integraation"
    "features": {
    "bot_user": {
    "display_name": "Rezonate Integraation",
    "always_online": false
    "oauth_config": {
    "scopes": {
    "bot": [
    "settings": {
    "org_deploy_enabled": false,
    "socket_mode_enabled": false,
    "token_rotation_enabled": false
  2. Click the Create button, then on the application page click Install to Workspace, and then click Allow.

  3. Now click the Add Features and Functionality, permissions

  4. Copy the token and share it back with Rezonate Integration Wizard.

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