Docusign Integration

Integrating with DocuSign can give Rezonate visibility into identities, roles, and posture controls.

Integration Instructions

DocuSign requires read-only permissions that are being granted through OAuth integration. This can be done simply by browsing to the Rezonaate integrations page, selecting DocuSign, and clicking Authorize.

This will redirect to the DocuSign authorization page

Click Allow Access, and you'll be redirected to the Rezonate platform.

Annex 1. Required Permissions

  • Read account details.

  • Read the details of a user.

  • Read a list of permission sets on an account.

  • Read a list of groups on an account.

  • Read the identity provider details of the organization.

  • Read the domain details of the organization.

  • Read organization details and accounts linked to the organization.

  • Create and send envelops. Obtain links for starting signing sessions (Not in use)

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