1-Click Integration

Integrate Google Workspace within a click, by installing the Rezonate Marketplace Integration

Google Workspace 1-Click Integration requires a privileged Google user for the process

With Google Workspace integration Rezonate is analyzing the Workspace environment, mapping inventory, scanning for Posture Issues, and hunting for threats.

This integration has 2 Modes:

  • Read Only - This enables Identity mapping, Posture scanning, and ITDR Capabilities.

  • Read\Write - This enables all of the read capabilities, plus, the ability to remediate risks from the product automatically.

To Integrate, browse to the Rezonate integrations screen, and select Google Workspace

Then, Select the preferred integration mode (Read-only or Read-Write)

You will see the following screen, click Advanced and Approve.

Clicking on the button will redirect you to the Google Consent screen. select your user and then after reviewing the required permissions click on the Allow button. You will be redirected to the platform and the integration process is completed.

Additional permissions that are required for remediation support

To support remediations executed from the Rezonate platform, additional permissions are required. These privileges allow the platform to Suspend\Delete users, enforce MFA, change group assignments, and perform additional actions as part of risk reduction features.


Global scope for access to all user and user alias operations.

Scope for access to all application-specific password, OAuth token, and verification code operations.

Global scope for access to all group operations, including group aliases and members.

Scope for access to all group member roles and information operations

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