Jira Integration

Rezonate offers seamless integration with Jira. This feature is designed to streamline your workflow, especially in managing exposures and threats.

Integrate Jira for Efficient Ticket Management

You can leverage this integration to connect with other stakeholders in the company to resolve security Exposures quicker and connect to your eco-system.

How It Works

For first-time users, connecting their access to Jira from the Rezonate platform:

  • In a specific Exposure or Threat in the Rezonate platform, click "Create Issues".

  • In the opened screen, grant the necessary access to get started.

  • Once you approve the connection between Rezonate and Jira, you'll unlock a range of functionalities. Rezonate will have the capability to:

View Capabilities:

  • Access various Jira elements including Application Roles, Audit Records, Avatars, Issue Comments, Field Configuration Schemes, Groups, Issue Type Hierarchies, Issue Types, Issues, Project Categories, Versions, Components, Properties, Projects, Users, and more.

  • See detailed Issue information like Field Values, Worklogs, Attachments, Changelogs, Links, Priorities, Votes Count, Watchers, Labels, Priorities, Resolutions, Statuses, Field Default Values, Options, and Fields.

Update Capabilities:

  • Modify elements such as Issue Comments, Issues themselves, Attachments, and Issue Comment Properties.

For a better understanding of how this integration enhances your workflow, check out this informative video. It guides you through the integration process and showcases the practical benefits of connecting Rezonate with Jira.

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