GitHub Integration

First Installation of the app

  1. From the integration page, select GitHub, and then click on the 1-Click integration, and click on the Connect Button

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Install for free".

  1. Make sure to select the relevant organization and then Click on "Complete order and begin installation"

  1. Click "Install", please make sure to select "All repositories" or at least 1 repository that you wish to include. you will then be redirected to Rezonate and the integration would be installed.

Modifying the already installed application

This may be relevant in cases when limited access was granted in the first installation. To add more accessible repositories to Rezonate, browse the link below: [Make sure to be authenticated as an admin of your Team\Organization]

  1. After Browsing, click on the "Configure" Link

  1. Select the relevant Team to install the application onto

  1. Click on the Repository access and make sure it is either marked as "All Repositories" or has at least 1 repository selected, based on your requested coverage.

  2. Click Save

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