AWS Integration

This document describes how to integrate the Rezonate product with Slack, which provides IAM observability to users, groups, channels, and configurations as well as detection of different security ris

This document describes the integration process for an AWS account to the Rezonate Platform, in a single-click deployment.

The integration will create a read-only role in the AWS account, allowing Rezonate to collect logs, identify identities, and access configuration.

Deployment Instructions

Deploying Rezonate to a Single Account (CloudFormation Stack)

  1. Wait for the deployment to finish (Takes approx. 1-2 minutes), click the outputs tab and copy the created role ARN.

  2. Please share back with the Rezonate team the following:

    1. The created role ARN

    2. The external ID that was used.

Deploying Rezonate to a multi-account (CloudFormation StackSet)

  1. Please login to the Master account (or to the account used for Deployments) and browse to the following link -

  2. In the Specify Template, please paste the following URL And Click the next button.

  3. Select your own Stackset Name and in the ExternalId,

  4. Configure your deployment settings based on your regular preferences (or click next).

  5. Select your preferred scope, and region and click next. (You can also modify deployment settings based on your preferences)

  6. Wait for deployment to succeed.

  7. bring back the selected external ID, The prefix (if changed), and the account numbers (if deployed to the entire organization then the Master account id is good enough )

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