Salesforce Integration

Rezonate integration into Salesforce

Integrating with Salesforce can give Rezonate visibility into identities, privileges, and activities. These data points are then used to detect security gaps and to extend your identity-centric with salesforce identity information. The integration is only reading data.

To Integrate please follow the following steps:

In the form please fill in the following information:

Connected App Name: Rezonate

API Name: Rezonate

After filing the basic information, make sure to tick the OAuth box and add the callback URL

Add the following OAuth Scopes:

  1. Manage user data via APIs (api)

  2. Perform requests at any time (refresh_token,offline_access)

Click the save\create button. After creating the application, you should see the button "Manager Consumer Details", and click on it.

You may be required to verify your identity, and after that, you will see a page with the key and secret, please copy them.

Limit the Created App to Read-Only users

This step is optional and will prevent non-read-only admins from authorizing the application.

For that, go back and Edit the recently created application and modify the Permitted Users to be "Admin approved users are pre-authorized", and Click Save.

Click on the Recently created application and "Manage Profiles". Select "Read-Only" and Save.

Now, only read-only users will be able to install this app.

Creating a Limited Read-Only User for the Authorization Process

After we have created and configured the application, we will need to create a Read-Only user to authorize it. For that, create a user with the Read-Only profile role, and log in to it. We will use it to authorize to the application in the next step.

Finishing the integration from the Rezonate Side

Now that we have the app credentials and the read-only user. we can sign in to Rezonate, and install the integration. for this one, click on settings, integrations, Add Integration, and select Salesforce.

Fill out the form with the recently collected information, and click Connect. Salesforce will ask you to authorize the application and approve it and you will be redirected to Rezonate, seeing that the integration was successfully added.


Account Id

Your own account name (call it how you prefer)

Client Id

The Consumer Key you copied from earlier

Client Secret

Teh Consumer Secret you copied from earlier

Salesforce Url

The domain (starts with https://) for your salesforce tenant login

After filing the information click on integrate and the process is completed!

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