Datadog Integration

Rezonate's Datadog integration enables your team to receive timely alerts and information to and execute workflows and analysis based on them in Datadog.

This integration ensures that your team stays informed about important changes and potential security risks & threats within your environment, enhancing your organization's identity protection capabilities.

Configuring Datadog HTTP Event Reciever

For the integration, you will need an HTTP Event collector configured in Datadog. information regarding the process can be found on Datadog documentation. After performing the steps as described in their documentation, please keep note of the Webhook URL and Authorization Token.

Adding integration in Rezonate

To enable this integration, click the setting button on the top right corner of the application. In the settings, select Accounts & Integrations, and then pick External Integrations.

Click on New Integration and select DataDog.

Fill out the form as follows:

  • Name = The name for this integration channel (It can be anything)

  • URL = Your incoming webhook receiver url

  • API Key = The key that is authorized to post

Note that before saving the integration, you can click on Test Integration which will send an example message to that channel.

Thats it! now you can send Notifications and Alerts from any part of the platform to Datadog.

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